ménage à trois


A trilogy of arches, circles and rings …

… Curved roads, round abouts, and one very cool spiral neon lit space.

So you’re after an environment to refresh and rework that existing asset your client’s just handed you or you’re on the hunt for a Backplate or 360º HDR Dome to play a supporting role in your next 3D build? Contact us if you need help with your image search or take a look through Bear Stock’s latest. There’s a good chance we’ve got it covered!

Roads, tunnels, bridges, beach and coastal, cities by day and by night, CG Environments, country environments, mountains, valleys, frost and sunshine … let’s take a wander

You may only require certain elements from an image and so we offer the cost-effective option of licensing only what you need. That way you’re free to mix, match and create your own unique image. The choice is yours, the options open and endless!

1 existing night road + 1 city scape  = 1 unique image!


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