The Difference

What is Bearstock?

Bearstock is a purpose built, high end stills image library specialising in aspirational, dramatic and stylised location backgrounds created especially to be used with 3D CGI automotive mesh models or for stand alone use.

The photographers collective ‘mindset’ driven by uncompromised quality is maintained across many categories from roadscapes, seascapes, landscapes, urbanscapes, people and conceptual images. All images have been meticulously captured, retouched and graded to the highest quality ready for applications from web use to outdoor super sites. RAW files are available if you prefer.

The purchase process is simple once you’ve found the image you’re looking for. On site you will be directed?to a straightforward usage form for completion, which will be linked to your selected image. Once completed and sent we will then provide you with a fast turn-around quote for your licensing needs. Licensing costs are based on your usage plan to include duration, market exposure and finally how the image will be seen.

To help explain our offer, the work can be categorised as follows: –

Hi Res Image Files
Files are 60MB or larger, either in 8 or 16bit depth, tiff file format. Files are at 300 dpi in RGB colour mode,?unsharpened with no interpolation in size or bit depth from original raw files.

2D Backgrounds / CGI Environments
These are specifically engineered ‘real’ photographic environments designed to be used with 3D models,?2D images or stand-alone usage. Select environments have an accompanying 360º HDRI file for reflection?and light source mapping reference.

HDRI 360º Domes / Spheres
These additional 360º files accompany select 2D backgrounds to assist in lighting and reflection reference?to be rendered onto the 3D object for a totally realistic look.Files are in HDR radiance format at minimum?12000 x 6000 pixels in size.

Releases / Permits
All images accompany Property/Model Releases where legally required or appropriate for unlimited usage.
Commissioned?Our photographers are also available for commissioned projects

Please view the following sites and contact info(AT)bearstock.com or

phone + 61 (0) 412 569366 to speak with Josie for further enquiries.